Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What just happened? Jan 20th

Remember when I said I wanted to tear it all apart and then reconstruct it? That voice in my head is saying; "Be careful what you ask for Mckenzi"

There I was minding my own business...actually I was feeling grumpy that Mr Singh was taking me to a gem store to look at some more stuff I didn't want to buy. (It's part of his job-and he tells me to "Just look no buy!") This was through a friend of his so it was both our first times in this place. I walked in the door to be greeted by Ajay, a short, understated 50 something man.
Do you think he said:

A) Hello and welcome to my store! What kind of jewelry do you like?
B) Your throat Chakra is completely blocked and I am worried about you. You are so stressed, You are in panic mode. (It's true I've been having panic attacks since I got here)

It's not A)

While typing munbers into a calculator he politely asks me how old I am. I say 37. He pushes the calculator toward me with the number 37 on it. I thinkhuh? and try to remember if I've told my age to Mr Singh...Nope.
He asks me how my relationship is with my sister. Did I mention my sister? ... Nope.
Infact, he knows the personalities of everyone in my family including myself, and that i've been in a relationship for the last 2 and a bit years.
Without my having spoken, this man begins to cronologically go through my life in terms of events and emotions and relationships and does not stop there. ( some things are so graphic that I can't mention them here, but they are all true)
He makes a list of things that my family and I are to look out for... illnesses etc, and lets not forget all the existing ailments I carry:

1)My weak right Knee and Right shoulder
2) My grinding
3) my Thyroid

....the list goes on and on...

Oh did I mention that less than 1 min in to his observations I was in a puddle of my own tears and unable to get it together. He tells me to take a break and look at some jewels and leaves the room.
The much younger 2 shop assistants seem not to be phased by this at all. Infact they are sending me much love from their eyes. One says: "Don't worry, the first time I met him the same thing happened to me. He has a book and travels around the world healing people" "Ahha, I say like a sobbing, heaving 5 year old.

After a couple of mins they tell me to go into the other room where Ajay was waiting with some very expensive Jewels. He sits me down and says that he sees people every day and doesn't usually bring this stuff up, but with me...It was so obvious that he had to.
He takes my palms, and tells me to close my eyes. It's not Reiki, but I fell him giving me energy.
These are the words I remember:

"You are blocking off life with your fear. You are carrying massive amounts of anxiety, but you are meant to be a healer. You have the most beautiful energy, especially in your crown Chakra".

The Crown Chakra
Sahasrara is generally considered to be the chakra of pure consciousness. It is a tool that helps us communicate with our spiritual nature.

"You are meant to be creative and express yourself as you are and stop caring so much about what other people think. You are a writer and you have healing powers beyond belief. Your heart and mind are at odds but when you figure this out and open your Chakra a life of unending happiness and prosperity awaits you. You do not belong in Canada or Australia..there is another place for you and it is warm and with happy people. Here you will thrive."

And on and on...

So I'm like...Ahha...and about half an hour has passed. I've said a total of 2 sentences in this time and the anxiety I've been feeling since this trip began...infact for most of my life is dissipating rapidly. He receives a call from Canada, a client of his who visits him regularly. He was born in Victoria BC.

He takes my hands again and I can feel immense heat. My heart rate slows to a relaxing stroll. And the crying stops.

Here's the slightly dodgy part:

Ajay shows me an expensive Emerald that I should wear around my neck to help open my Chakra. I ask him why it is so much and then he shows me a much smaller one still out of my price range. He says he has a foundation for homeless children in Pushkar and most of the money goes to providing food, shelter, and schooling. He gave me his card and asked me to check it out when I get to that town. He also said the gems were cleansed and activated with special properties and mantras for healing. I wanted that gem stone so bad... but I left the store with my money in hand.


Just an hour before this I had been visiting a textile factory and met "Sunny". He was a fantastic person right off the bat and someone I knew I could trust and feel comfortable with. There was no pressure to make a sale and at the end of our time we swapped phone numbers. Not long after the gemstone experience I got a call from Sunny asking if I wanted to come to dinner at his parents place in Amer. Being the cautious person that I am, I ask him if he would like to come to my hotel for dinner. So 2 hours later Sunny and his other friend from the store (who tried to sell me a pashmina) turned up at my hotel. We chatted for a while and they were so lovely. They even brought me a gift...A PINK represent the Pink City of Jaipur.

The best part is:

I tell Sunny about my experince at the gem store and he tells me that it's something to believe. He also said he can get me an Emerald for very little money...if not for free...and his father is a healer/Palmist who can cleanse and put a mantra in the stone for me. He showed me his garnet ring which his father had endowed for him and says it has brought great "Magic to his life". He learned to speak excellent English in a very short time and this is one of the things he thanks his ring for.

All in all a very mind bending and heart opening day.


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