Monday, January 25, 2010


Ok so I'm starting a hair count!
This is a tab of how many hairs I find in my food. So far the lucky number is 4. It helps that they are thick and black as the night, so they're easy to see! :) Moving on...

Jodhpur is a City I don't care to say too much about except that I met a couple of French guys and had dinner with them at our hotel. They gave me the ins and outs of where I should go next and it was awesome just to hang with people other than my driver.

The next morning, however, Mr Singh (who has become very protective of me) gave me the silent treatment for a good 15mins. I couldn't figure it out! Was it the shitty tip I just left? (The Hotel gave me a shitty room and told me there were no others...a blatant lie and it's always a battle to get an awesome room when you've pre-paid)...But that wasn't it. Then I remembered having a 10 sec conversation with the concierge about how I was joining the 2 French guys for dinner and wouldn't that be nice because I've been mostly with my driver and haven't met that many people... YEP! that was it.

Mr singhs words:
"Why you not happy with your hotels and why you angry with me??!!!"
After careful explanation Mr Singh squeezed me and said:
"Ahhh Mckenshi, you are very Sunder Kuri!" My Mckenshi! Achaaaa!"
Ah, Mckenzi, you are a very smart girl! My Mckenzi is Good good!"

Mr Singh gives me gifts every day...from buying me lunch to giving me little trinkets or showing me things that are not included in the tour. When his pen ran out one morning I gave him 10 different coloured ones of a bunch that I had brought over for the kids and I thought he was going to spontaneously ascend he was so happy. It really is the small things. If you're not happy in this country, things just arent right and the people around you will go to the ends of the earth to make it right. That's just the way it is.

Pulling into Udaipur, I am slightly worried cause it says in the "Lonely Plannet guide" that my hotel pretty much sucks. Imagine my surprise when I find myself in the princess of all princess suites overlooking the water, it's palaces and the City Palace!!! (Yes it did take 3 shuffles of rooms to get this one). The whole room is Marble, with 3 bay windows that I have to keep shut when I'm out cause the monkeys will come in. It's like I'm living a dream, and this town is so captivating.. and the shower is hotter than an erotic dream! I must have been in it for atleast 1/2 and hour.

I make my way to the roof top restuarant and I'm the only person up there. With a sudden lift of my heart, it takes my breath away. I can't help thinking about little Caper and how if I had his ashes with me I would let him free right over this knee high balcony and into the magical night. The tears come and I say a prayer. It's the first time since he left in April that I've felt like I've been there for him without guilt or pain. Just pure love.

I digress:
The toilet rolls here have enough paper for exactly 1 1/2 number 2's. That's it! No more no less! Just saying...

I am greeted on the roof top by my waiter, who is instantly awe-struck by me and after ordering my food he does not leave. He stands uncomfortably waiting for me to say something else, anything else and he stares at the ground trying to figure out what he can say. I wonder if he will ever leave. I take out my book...yup still there. I say thank you...still there. It must have been a good 2 mins before he backed away. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Unfortunately when my food came, he stood right next to me as I ate. It was very uncomfotable and psycho Mac was about to have a Mac-attack!!! 10 bites in he got a call from the kitchen. Thank you Krishna. Lets just say I ventured out of the hotel to eat from then on.

Enter Cal from Alabama:
A 25 year old home grown living in London and navigating part of the world before settling into a new job. Great company and even Mr singh didn't mind him coming on a couple of sight seeing adventures. On first meeting Cal in a hideaway kind of lunch spot I thought he was sick. His eyes were entirely blood shot...deep red and not much white left. All on account of a diving expodition where he went down too fast and didn't release his mask.

2 days break from the car and a whole lot of fun. We ate on the tallest roof top in Udaipur. This is the city where Octopussy was made, and they are not shy about advertising that fact. During dinner we could here that movie playing in atleast 3 nearby hotel roof tops.

The last day in Udaipur and it was Mr Singhs 10 year wedding aniversary! He is so in Love it's rediculous! We took him for a kingfisher beer and a sunset view.
That night in my Princess bedroom, a street dog, of which there are millions was nicely purched under my window howling to the dogs across the water. He was miked better that Mik Jagger and at around 2 am I was fuming. I stomped over to the window with a small bowl of sugar cubes, and pelted them as hard as I could down onto the lower deck. Futile of course!
Only thing it did do was excite the monkeys and what the hell! It's ficken dinner time at Noah's arc! Address: The Princess Mckenzi room. 2am til fer ever!

2 full body massages=$20
2 beautifully taylored princess Mckenzi tops=$30
new pants(didn't want to pay for laundry)=$5
insanely good food=$3 to $4 a go
Traditional Indian performance under the stars .50c
Early morning chanting to wake up to.


Good bye to Udaipur, to Princess Suites and to 2 day friends.
hello to another long drive to Bundi.

PS: Cal said he was going to win the lottery this march and that he would sent me 200 pounds of it so I'm putting this in writing for future reference.

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