Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First day

It's been an interesting ride so far, and I'm a little dazed after sleeping for about 20 hours in my Delhi hotel room.
List of awesomeness:
-Got seat 23H on the plane which = emergency exit and lots of leg room.
-Sat next to Deepa from toronto who invited me to her Punjabi wedding as a part of the wedding party!
-Was collecting my luggage when the enitire Delhi airport went black! Deepa was clearly upset but I thought it was a riot. 3 mins later the generators came on. "Only in India" she says.
-My driver from the airport to the hotel was so great. Suprising that he really took his time, and explained alot of stuff to me (30 percent of which i understood). He did stick to riding right over the center line in the middle of the road and managed to dodge the tuk tuks swerving in and around us. It was fun actually.
-My stomach is a little mad with me but my hotel has Western food so I'm easing my way into it.

I'm off to bed again. This is your last chance to beat it jet lag!!!


  1. Glad to hear you made it. I tried to follow your itinerary on the web but hadn't asked you enough questions.
    It's weird thinking you're 10.5 hours ahead. I'm just about to get dressed and it's 9pm there. I wonder what you're doing!
    by the way, don't feel any need to reply to any of my comments -- just do your thing
    Can you believe you're in India???!!! India!

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  3. Sounds like you're having a good time! Are you going to the wedding party??
    :) xo