Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dining with a monkey

This is for all my acting friends and anyone who wants to experience instant fame. I stopped at a fort in Chittorgarh. I was the only white person there I'm sure. I was approached to have my picture taken several times and dragged off into a market by a very young girl to meet and eat with her family. She spoke no english and I may not have been the first, but her family was quite amused. I used the old rub of the stomach with accompanying uncomfortable look on my face that every Indian understands to get out of eating.

Next a young women approached for yet another photo and asked that I join her family with their guide for the day. She talked of her family and her passion to be an actress despite their lack of belief in her. She was currently studying to be a doctor. She asked me to come and stay with her family in the middle of India and just about fainted when I told her that I was an actress. Unfotunately we got separated from eachother between temples and drivers. I had hoped to see her in the next city...no luck. She was a lovely soul.

4 hours later

Bundi was recommended to me by a couple of french travellers and I can see why. It's quiet, very small and beautifully decorated with one sprawling ruin of a palace melting down the mountain side.

That night I wandered through the skinny streets and lanes and stumbled across the most magnificent wall/door/mural combo and asked the 2 ladies near by if I could take a picture. Lets just say there is no picture to share with anyone cause she freaked out about my presence and whisked me quickly away like a maingy Koota! (Dog) Sigh.

When in doubt feed the belly.

Up on a gorgeous roof top again...
Minding my own bussiness when a monkey jumps off the nearby wall and into my bowl of rice. He took the bowl and savoured it's contents right infront of me. Cheeky bugger! Bundi may be small and not so familiar with the ways of the lone white female but it now knows the intricacies of a white womens scream!

Mr Singh bought me a bottle of water the next morning off the street. It was "Fosters" water. Yes like the Aussie beer water with the same label as the can. I laughed about it and thanked him but emptied the whole thing down the sink in my room. "Don't call me stupid!"

Pushkar is next:
"Don't buy gold here! Everything Fake, all painted on. Understand??!!"
More sound advice from Mr Singh.

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