Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I had bird crap pushed into my face with a vibrating object!

Pushkar is a pretty cool little hang around a dried up lake and a fun maze of markets to say no thank you in. Actually I do like it here.

Mr Singh and I Meditated at the only Brahma Temple in India today and also in the Sihk Temple. We wandered the ghats in bare feet as no shoes are allowed. There is bird crap, cow poo and Krishna only knows what else everywhere and dodging it all was creating furrows in my newly relaxed brow. I finally put my shoes on at the last turn only to be reprimanded by a local. Fine!

At lunch I decided to get a Reiki session for $6 CN, but the Reiki Master said I would be better off with refexology for the same price. He was recommended in Lonely Planet with the description "Toe Challenging". Understatement!!!!

Lets just say if I'd had a chain saw I would have used it! The pain was insane. Not only that but he didn't wash my feet and after he was done torturing them he took the same vibrating machine he used and put it right on my face where I have a patch of zitz right now. "This will move the problem" He says, and I'm thinking if this doesn't then the flesh eating disease bacteria now on my face will surely get rid of it!

Funny I feel great now. 1/2 hour shower and a bottle of disinfectant and I'm ready to go eat again!
Last day with Mr singh tomorrow...

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  1. Lonely Planet! Yay!

    We'll all miss Mr. Singh. My thanks to him for all his help and guidance to you.

    Cold, wet here. ;)