Saturday, January 30, 2010

Good bye Mr Singh.

Mr Singh drove so quickly from Pushkar to Jaipur That I couldn't help have the thought

"Can he be this much in a hurry to see me leave?"

I was a sad parting actually. Yes I cried, and he laughed and squeezed me tightly like his new White Gora Daughter. He sad he would call me in 5 days to see how I was. I gave him a very good tip, and he came back the next morning to give me his address for any possible future visits. We'll miss you Mister Singh!

Next stop Amer, with my new friends Sunny and Tarun and their families. Amazing few days in this little fort town to say the least. This family welcomed me as their own. Sunny's mother thought I was very "Puttilli", which ofcourse means "Skinny" so it was her mission to make me "Muta"...Fat. Her cooking was like no other.

Sunny and Tarun doubled me everywhere on their motorbikes and organised a room in the nearby hotel for practically nothing since sunny's father had done the owners a previous favour. I had photo's taken with everyone several times and there were fun night walks and talks and kite flying on the roof of the house with views you couldn't buy anywhere else.

Tarun took me to 2 temples, one of which, a shiva temple, housed a nearby Guru just visiting from Varanasi. We walked across the road and behind a building into an open space where the Guru was sitting calmly in the sun. He was a lovely man, beaming with a smile from ear to ear and radiating light and love. we briefly communicated through Tarun after which point he asked me to go back to the Temple to pick up a special bead necklace as a gift from him and to have some Chai.
Back at the temple I was getting some strange looks as locals and foreigners usually have to pay $40 CN and up for this bead. On taking it back to the guru he then put it together and blessed it while I fed the birds and then told me it was to wear it around my neck to calm my mind. Just what I'd been looking for!!! He also confirmed some info given to me by the gem store guy about my family!!! The plot thickens!!!

Tarun said that this was like a magical event for me. I believe him. A string of dreams have come since wearing the bead and I'm sure much more will unfold as this journey continues. Riding back to the family I had never felt so connected to life, so happy.

That night Sunny's father, a man of many talents...politician, astrologer, astronomer, social worker and much more read my palm for me. The one thing of many that stood out in the reading was the focus on expression and creativity, and that although my career has been "on and off", the next five years were very good. I was glad to hear that.

Another sad departure and at 3am Sunny and Tarun put me into a taxi bound for the airport.
I was on my way to Bangalore.

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