Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 3

After about 36 hours in bed, with what I though was a relapse of mono, I am finally out and about and feeling much better. The people at the Ajanta Hotel have really looked after me. Thank you god! I'm starting to get a taste of the Indian Heart in people here. It's already brought me to tears once...ok I know it doesn't take much.

I have booked a 14 day tour of Rajasthan which starts today with my own driver and hotels set up along the way. A little more money but i feel much more comfortable about it as I make my way to feeling 100% again.

Had a free tour through Delhi yesturday! This city is like no other. The traffic and lack of any rules makes me laugh so hard, and the driver was cacking himself just as hard as I was. They run red lights, constantly honk horns, cut eachother off, get through cracks not even a mouse would consider...and on and on. My driver turned around on a 3 laned highway and went straight into oncoming traffic to get out of a jam!!! Better than Canada's wonderland!

Bought a phone for $30 canadian, and incoming calls are free. Lets just say my boyfriend Sean is a happy camper now.

Can't wait to be able to post some pics...

breakfast time, 6;30am. Does anyone ever get used to curry for breakfast? The answer is a resounding NO!!!

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